Monday, December 15, 2014

Strange Enough (Carousel Remix) - VÉRITÉ

One thing I know for certain is that anything Carousel puts out, it really touches me in a soft spot. There is something about there music that turns any sort of emotion and takes it to a higher place. I can't say that any song they've put out or any remix they've done has ever been bad. You automatically feel good the moment you start listening to them. But before I bore you with my words just because I am so excited on this new remix, here they have touched on the gorgeous voice of New York native, VÉRITÉ and created magic.

"cause maybe i'm just addicted to the things i lack
and the way you move, in circles run round a figure eight 
always running off meeting in the same place"

Daydreamer (Gryffin Remix) - Bipolar Sunshine

Monday done, three more days until I reach my weekend. Just have to power through it and forget how time moves incredibly slow yet so fast at the same time. Nonetheless, dancing my way to Friday seems the right approach to get there the right way. Thank you to Gryffin's newest remix on Bipolar Sunshine's track, "Daydreamer" its helping Friday seem not that far away. 

"so daydreamer, run in the dark
skin in the fields, uh let's get lost
bought a ticket to Mars, well show me the way
and i'll show us there"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sadness Disease (Madeaux Remix) - Urban Cone

Thursday night only means one thing....tomorrow is motherfuckin' FRIDAY. So hopefully this remix will get you pumped up for this upcoming weekend. Ayyyyyeeeee

"i've got this sadness disease
how you going to cure me?"

Pont des Arts - Garden City Movement

For me to really understand the concept of "chemistry" with another person, I try to picture two bodies melting together. What you imagine should be effortless, bodies intertwine and the moment as a whole took little to no effort. When it takes too much work, then it isn't meant to be. The second you body touches against someone else's and it works, "Pont des Arts" soundtracks it flawlessly.  

"you feeling me, like i've seen you before"

Fool - Perfume Genius

So much love for this artist right here.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Money On My Mind (Salute Remix) - Sam Smith

"when the sun will set, don't you fret
no I have no money on my mind"

Give Me Your Love (Hello Beautiful Remix) - Gateway Drugs

That moment you get into your car purely because you have this desire to drive, no destination, no feelings towards running your gas tank to low and your mind couldn't be anymore content. You want to open your windows, let the wind flow through your fingers, feel the tickles of your hair hitting your face and enjoy the drive to nowhere until you stop. That is this song to me.

"you're mind keeps playing tricks on you
i'll always be waiting for you"

Amelia's Theme - Adam Snow

Animation to appreciate.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thievery - Arca



I Couldn't Want You Anyway (Tyde Remix) - Jack Garratt

Goodnight dreamers.

"my faults were full and plenty and yours tore me up
so its no wonder i'm thinking really, you're better off"

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lips Like Wine - TIO


Your Planet - Young Ejecta

"your planet is off"

Chess - Petite Noir

Fan of Bloc Party or TV on the Radio? Then you'll absolutely adore this new up and rising South African musician, Petite Noir. His various blend of soul, afrobeat sounds and flawless use of synthesizers makes him an instant winner in my eyes. Can't say I've listen to too much of his past releases but "Chess" confirms that all his others songs must be just as good. Keep a look out for his debut EP titled, King of Anxiety due January 20th, he's worth keeping an eye out for.

"go to church and pray for me"

You Haunt Me (My Digital Enemy Remix) - Sir Sly

"you haunt me"