Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Heartbeats In The House - Host

Before going into this let me just begin with saying that if you haven't experienced a Coachella festival in your lifetime yet. It is a must, a fucken must. I've lost my mind and I still haven't gotten it back, thanks to Coachella. The entire production was flawless and I can't even begin to list how many people I saw and how much music bled into my system. So right now, no more thinking, no more talking, just listening because this song brings me back to all the dancing and nonstop moving at Coachella.

"shadows in the streetlights
keep me warm"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coachella 2014

After months of waiting the day is here so let me properly say, hello Coachella 2014! It's been non stop excitement and loads of anxiety in anticipation for this moment. I am slowly hitting a point where I am a lost for words so I'll just stop. This new experience I am about to partake on would not be complete if I didn't leave you guys with a playlist of some sort, that would just be rude. Obviously it doesn't have every single artist lined up at Coachella but some of my favorites and some that I definitely won't be missing. Not sure the outcome of this weekend but all I know is I won't stop dancing until I hit my return flight home. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

History - Le P

I got 5 more days till I am flying to LA for Coachella and couldn't be more excited. All I need right now to keep this positive energy ball rolling is some groovy tunes so I can dance myself to the Coachella scene. First to add to my list of get down songs will have to be producer, Le P with his track, "Like I Love You" and I almost promise you that you will dig this song immediately cause it samples the one and only Michael Jackson! 

"everyday create your history"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Slip - Elliot Moss

It's somewhat comforting to know that insomnia and the lack of sleep is much more common these days then it use to be. Maybe not, maybe its the fact that I have a good handful of friends who have this problem and they deal with this issue in various ways. With all that being said, I've found a song that will be that comfort when you're tossing and turning in the middle of the night wishing you could fall asleep.

"where's the light I use to know"

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Comatose (AARMAXX Remix) - RKCB

Let's talk fantasies, sex ones. Majority of this population will agree that a striptease or lap dance are the most wanted fantasies no matter if you're a male or female. You can't go wrong. Got itunes? Then shit add this new remix to your sex, grind, getting nasty or whatever you call it, drag this sexy ass tune into that list and let your imagination or real life take you away. 

"like a comatose lover, i can't get through to you"

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wait (Kygo Remix) - M83

When a remix is better than the original, this is what you get so thank you Kygo again for another home run. If by some chance I was falling miles and miles to earth from the tip top of the sky, I'd like it if this remix play until I hit the ground. My skin will probably be almost ripping off my face from the amount of speed but all I'd focus on was this song and getting me grounded. 

"send your dreams, where nobody hides
give your tears, to the tide
no time, no time, there's no end
there is no goodbye

disappear, with the night, no time

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wonder (The Chainsmokers Remix) - The Chainsmokers

And they've outdone themselves again, thank you to The Chainsmokers I will be playing this until my ears bleed and they fall off my head into dust. 

"you were after nothing I could give long, have you ever wondered, 
what it could be like and I standing back on my feet

In The Morning - Jack Steadman

"in the morning"

Settle Down (EMBRZ Remix) - The 1975

I am counting down the days now until I'll be dancing my way through Coachella weekend. By this point I am sure you've all seen the lineup and know that The 1975 will be making an appearance which has got me all sorts of excited. Thanks to EMBRZ for making me even more excited to see them with their newest remix on The 1975's track, "Settle Down". It still possesses that feel good mood but EMBRZ takes it and turns it into a dream. 

"but you're losing your words
we're speaking in bodies"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stay With Me - Sam Smith

"why am i so emotional, no its not a good look ends in self control
deep down i know this never works, but you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt
won't you stay with me"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Youth - Ben Khan

There's only a handful of people in your lifetime that you can sit and enjoy the silence more so then talking. It's not because you don't like them but because you can both just enjoy the pure sounds of everything around you and really absorb each others company. The experience itself is quite magical and refreshing to say the least. For me this new Ben Khan track, "Youth" captures that feeling you get in your heart when you can share the silence with someone.

"oh i'm foolish, i'm so foolish"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ASTR Interview

New York based duo, ASTR may not have reached your iTunes library quite yet but in a matter of months there songs will be a part of every single playlist you have. Zoe and Adam have set the perfect standard to the ultimate musical duo and they’ve made partnership and the combination of two creative minds seem so effortless. Both have grasped inspiration and its endless randomness without hesitation and have developed a unique genre all their own. Almost a year since they’ve released their debut single, “Operate”, Zoe and Adam have no intention to slow down, only to create, inspire and embrace the rollercoaster ride that we call music. Luckily, Up All Night got the chance to talk with this dynamic duo to discuss the highs and lows and everyone’s connection to dysfunction.

How are you both feeling today?
Zoe: Very good, it’s the first nice day in New York so I’m happy. This whole winter has been shit so this is the first time its actually warm.

Well, it’s been about a year now since your debut single, “Operate” released and that track really got ASTR’s name out there, what was the initial intention with that song?
Zoe: I don’t know, I think it was just to test the waters on what this was going to be because we really had no idea when we wrote the first batch of songs and which songs people were actually going to like. I think it was our first kind of just getting out there song.

How is it adjusting to your fan base growing?
Zoe: It’s interesting; I think we’re still figuring out who our fan base is cause its kind of a few different genres that are blended together. So it’s kind of interesting navigating that.
Adam: I think were still growing and our fan base isn’t that huge yet but we definitely have our work cut out for us because we need to expose ourselves outside of those pockets that there are. Like in New York people come to our shows and it’s always a good crowd but there’s a whole lot more to build on.

When it comes to writing, where do you look for inspiration?
Zoe: I think that’s an ongoing thing because literally everything we’re doing feeds into that. There are all sorts of inspiration and the writing doesn’t just start when something specific is happening. It’s a continuous thing that we’re always writing and whatever we’re going through within that time.
Adam: Inspiration can come at anytime, I mean anyone who does any type of creative work will know that anytime inspiration comes and happens you just have to catch it. Someone could be walking down the street and randomly think, “I have an idea!” or I could be sitting in my bath tub and be like, “Oh, that’s what’s wrong with that song, I know how to fix that”
Zoe: I mean honestly, I wish I knew where it came from but it’s pretty random. There are days where we would sit in the studio for hours and not come up with one thing and then in an hour it just hits and you just get mad inspiration to go with, it’s so weird.

So far out of your songs which has been the favorite to write and record?
Adam: Probably the two at the top of my list is “Operate” because it came so effortlessly and “R U With Me” because we were playing around with that idea for awhile thinking, “Is this good? Is it corny? It’s good, okay we shouldn’t change it”, I mean that one for me I wasn’t sure but I liked it.

In an interview you both had with, Mostly Junk Food, you described “R U With Me” about a “dysfunctional love” and how the song highlighted an unhealthy relationship. Was it written based off a personal experience?
Zoe: I think it’s a personal experience but also a universal one, I mean that was kind of the point of the song, that everyone comes from something dysfunctional and we all have issues. And that was something important to say to because there’s so much that is glorified to be happy all the time and I don’t know, I think that there’s something to this, some sort darkness that draws into the music and into music in general.
Adam: I think that people can connect with that song even if they haven’t been immediately or directly affected by some sort of situation like that because there are so many different layers with that sort of dysfunctional relationship. I mean it could be a boyfriend, girlfriend, a husband or wife or a brother and sister.
Zoe: And even if it hasn’t happened to you, your family, a cousin or a friend, everyone has seen people go through a hard time. In a way that’s a connecting point with people, we’ve all dealt with shit and that’s when we come together.

It’s not an easy task in covering other artist’s tracks but you guys did a brilliant job covering Drake’s, “Hold On We’re Going Home” how was that experience?
Zoe: Hmm we didn’t really think about it, I mean we both really liked that song and it kind of just came because we needed to make our set longer because we didn’t haven enough songs. We recorded it within a half an hour so there wasn’t much to it; I mean it’s pretty basic. But it was kind of cool to be able to do things minimally and really chill and have that all resonate because I think it was a time to have to not over do anything or have to complex lyrics.
Adam: In some parallel universe, I think Drake covered us.

Was there any worry or fear going into that cover?
Zoe: Yeah that was kind of a, “we think this song is hot, I think this is going to blow up”
Adam: I mean we only played around with that song so we could do it live and when we started performing it people really liked it so we decided to record it when we got back.

What’s been the highs and lows since starting ASTR?
Zoe:  The highs I think when you perform and people are singing your lyrics and they really understand them. That’s such a high being able to connect with people in that sense and the feedback is really amazing because you could sit in a studio for so long and that feedback is great. Lows, I mean it’s a struggle, I think we have gone through more transportation lows as a band then I have ever heard of. Our manager always says how he’s never seen this before, our flights get cancelled and this and that. Managing is also stressful, having to get everything all together and in order and getting your team solid is always hard but it’s such a payoff. It’s definitely all a rollercoaster ride.

Any upcoming projects for your fans to look out for?
Zoe: Hmm Adam, what’s going on next month, are we allowed to talk about it?
Adam: Well we have remixes and we might be putting some new music up.

What do you guys prefer remixing, writing your own originals or covering other artists?
Adam: I don’t really know if I even like remixing to be honest, I mean I much rather work on original stuff. Remixing for me is a hit or miss, because there’s so much time to be put into it and sometimes the finish product isn’t what I really wanted so I end up tossing it. So for me there’s no real interest you know?

Lastly, what do you both hope to accomplish within ASTR?
Zoe: I think we want to see how long we can take it and we want to make music continuously. We have a great partnership, I love working with Adam and we work well together. If we can continue being inspired, putting out content and touring and doing all the fucked up that comes with it I think that we’ll be great.
Adam: A year ago we had no idea who the fuck we were because we hadn’t really put any music out and then we dropped a song and it was great! So we’re still trying to figure out what’s the next thing because it’s an evolving process so were going to see however far we can take it.

Watch ASTR perform "Operate" live with Encore live sessions below!